9 Things That Don’t Make You A Christian

Recognizing Church Culture For Freedom's Sake

9 things that don't make you christian

If you’re any thing like me, and you sometimes find it hard to exist in church culture, this list is for you. This list a Christian does not make.

Disclaimer:  (1) this list is not exhaustive, and (2) there is no judgement for those who may religiously live by the following, but I hope this offers freedom for those who don’t:

1. Journaling.

Journaling is a good devotional tool for prayer, self-reflection, and meditation, but it is merely a method, among many, for communing with God.

2. An extraordinary, super adventurous life.

It’s great to be able to climb a mountain, or take a mission trip, or start a non-profit. However, sometimes your greatest expression of faith is doing the dishes without an attitude. God cares about the mundane too. You don’t have to do big things to have big faith.

3. Christian-ese.

You don’t need a new language. English is fine. Plus, it is better that your life speaks Christ rather than your mouth spilling over with catchy Christian clichés. We would all recognize it if you were too blessed to be stressed without you ever saying a word.

4.  Cookie-cutter creativity on chalkboards.

You may have Pinterest boards full of rustic-chic ideas for parties you’ll never throw, but there’s more to your creativity. Be different. God made you to think of beautiful things to say, write, design, paint, create, etc., with complicated emotional and artistic depth. Explore it.

5. Being married.

I’ve heard it said over and over again that the ultimate stage of sanctification is marriage. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marriage is as much of a tool as singleness is in the hands of God. You don’t need to be a part of the double-ring club to experience the fullness of the spiritual life.

6. Being happy all the time.

Let’s be real here. Life is short and full of trouble. Being fake about what you’re going through by overcompensating with a push-through smile robs the Church of an opportunity to fulfill it’s purpose in your life.  If you’re sad, let go of what you think others will think of you and unravel before a trusted community.

7. Being sad all the time.

Now wait. Don’t go overboard. Being in a constant state of lament doesn’t equate to worship or holiness. Joy should be as common as suffering.

8. Quitting your job to do full time ministry.

Keep your job homie. God doesn’t call everyone to vocational ministry. He calls some. SOME. Don’t mistakenly swap your God-given career in the marketplace for a call to the pastorate. The church and the world need you in accounting.

9. Liking everyone.

Personalities are real. Your temperament will not likely mix with all others, and it’s okay. Disliking someone’s personality has nothing to do with your responsibility to love, honor, respect, and serve them. Just make sure you are authentic and mature in your interactions. One day we’ll all be spending an eternity together.

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